• Auto Machine

    Auto Machine

    Vicomm Technology pays special attention to technical support, emphasizing the complete product development solutions, saving customers development time, enabling customers to have more time to focus on the performance improvement of the process. Years of R & D and manufacturing experience, expectations through humane thinking and professional manner, to give customers high-quality products and best solutions, and continue to provide quality customer service.More »

  • Machine Vdision

    Machine Vdision

    Machine vision coupled with image processing systems play an important role in many automated measurement. All the requirements under the premise of automation, accuracy, and speed, the automation of many of the non-contact detection, can take advantage of the machine vision processing system, not only can improve production efficiency, the more the quality of the product can meet the standard.More »

  • RF Shielding Equipments

    RF Shielding Equipments

    Specializing in test automation of wireless communications products, including wired and wireless network testing equipment and supplies, wireless communications equipment, and high-frequency components. From the customer's perspective, whether wireless products accuracy, reliability, capacity, compatibility, etc., are the focus of our serious dedication to save the user test time to make the production process more smooth and accurate. More »