Laser Marking Machine
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  • PC-Based system to effectively connect with MES system to establish corresponding work order sequences and data return, befitting for Industry 4.0 integration. 

    Inline and outline design for easy connection with standard SMT equipment simplify the deployment

    High-speed linear-motor XYZ slider enlarges the marking range to 510x460mm for multi-site marking or large products.

    Built-in machine vision system for marking quality inspection

    Dust generated during laser engraving from affecting the environment

    It is suitable for car electronic parts engraving, food and medicine packaging, various sensor facets, electronic components and other large manufacturers. It is widely used in electronic assembly (SMT) that 1D/2D Barcode/Logo/text engravable are all used.

    This product and industry have special requirements for "non-contact" and "no consumables". This application provides more protection to the environment in the process of energy saving and carbon reduction.

  •  雷射種類  CO2  雷射功率  5 W
     雷射波長  10.6 μm  自動對焦範圍  50 mm
     雷射打標範圍  55x55 mm  生產線高度  900 mm±20 mm
     重複定位精度  ±0.15 mm  對應基板尺寸  50*50~510*460 mm
     電力供應  220 V  設備尺寸  1000*1350*1750 mm
     冷卻系統  風冷  重量  600 kg
     進出板方向  左→右或右→左(出貨前客制)    
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