302016 Manual Shielding Box
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  • •  Shielding box, made by metal, is a common test equipment for preventing the leakage of electromagnetic wave outwards or inwards.
    •  Comparing to the large-volume shielding rooms, which are common in the labs, shielding boxes are more welcome on the production floors due to small volume.
    •  Shielding boxes are widely used in the test of different communication standards: WiFi, LTE, Bluetooth, GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, WiMAX, RFID, Zigbee, etc. It is common for the board-level or assembly test of mobile phones, wireless access points, wireless routers, Bluetooth headsets, car remotes, walkie-talkie, TPMS, etc.

  •  Interior Dimension(W x D x H)  274x174x150 mm  Cylinder stroke  50 mm
     Exterior Dimension(W x D x H)
     326x266x202 mm  Operation Temperature  0°C ~ +80°C
     Material  Electrogalvanized sheet   Metal Finishing  Paint
     Stroke  296 mm  Weight (with absorber)  10Kg
     Isolation(with filters)
     80dB up (2.4GHz and 5.8GHz)  RF Connectors  SMA *6
     Frequency Range  1GHz~6GHz  Filter numbers  2
         Operation Life (Open&Close)  1,000,000times

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